Cycle Shelters

Secure bicycle parking with rich biodiverse growing roofs and wildlife habitat panels.

For residential or workplace bike storage, our green-roofed cycle shelters add much more benefit and interest than a crude plastic-roofed shelter.

Whether the need to get bicycles out of stairwells and common spaces in flats, or provide convenient secure covered storage for bicycles at work, our robust structures add wildlife potential and colour from low maintenance roof planting. A genuine green roofed solution to bikeparking.

Our low maintenance, drought-tolerant planting is nectar-rich for butterflies, bees, moths and other invertebrate wildlife.

Planting and habitat is tailored to locality, or Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) target species.

Green Roofed Cycle Shelter

Secure, enclosed bicycle shelters, with key operated doors. Cyclists use their own bikelocks once inside.

Green roof on Cycle Shelter

Wildlife Habitat Panels increase wildlife potential and biodiversity awareness.

Green Roof Shelters only produce good quality secure cycleparking stands that allow the locking of both wheels and frame - no wheel-bender butterfly stands or weak toast racks.

Cycle Shelter installation

Shelters arrive planted and complete, and are simply craned off the delivery lorry into position, and are ready for use.

Green Roof on Cycle Shelter

Open-fronted or open-sided shelters keep bicycles in the dry, but provide a planted space for wildlife above and nesting opportunities on the exterior.

Bird Box inCycle Shelter

With a nesting box for blue & great tits built in.

First season growth – a mix of native annuals and long term perennials

Plantlock bicycle security

Our sister company designed and manufactures PlantLocks for secure bicycle parking.