Green roof containers

Green roofed container home office

The Green Roof Shelters Container family. Re-used shipping containers with a deep, biodiverse green roof.

Green Roof Cycle Shelters

Green-roofed Cycle Shelter

For covered cycle parking, a genuine green roofed solution to bikeparking.

Green Roof Outdoor Classrooms

Green Roofed 
Outdoor Classrooms

Growing covered space, for teaching, playing, and waiting parents.

Green Roof Bin Stores

Green-roofed Bin Storage

Green roofed bin stores lowered into position straight from the lorry.

Wildlife Habitat Panels

Wildlife Habitat Panels

Green Roof Shelters' standard and bespoke habitat panels for nesting, forage, and overwintering.

Green Roof Products

Green roof products' components

Green Roof Shelters' proprietary products & components.


Green roof services

Green Roof Shelters Ltd can also provide our customers with positive public relations or educational support.

Elvis Cyclestand

Elvis Cyclestand

An elegant, simple alternative to the dreary boltdown toast rack.