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Green Roof Shelter’s green roofed containers provide a selection of simple, robust, small buildings, each planted with species for nectar loving bees, butterflies and insects, and providing habitat and nesting opportunities for birds, bats, and a large variety of invertebrates.

Planting usually relates to location, but often includes such native plants as thrift (armeria), cowslips (primula veris), red valerian (centranthus ruber), birds foot trefoil (lotus corniculatus), and ‘fox and cubs’ (pilosella aurantiaca).


An outdoor classroom's green roof and habitat panels can be a starting point to talking about the local wildlife, explaining the benefits plants and wildlife contribute, the importance of biodiversity, and the need for spaces and habitat for plants, insects and animals.

And the benefits of re-using reclaimed or recycled materials can be highlighted too.

Wild, not manicured, and reflecting the seasons, the roof is an area for plants, insects and birds, that can be seen but doesn't get disturbed frequently, and is free from herbicide use.

Green Roof Container

Green-roofed Container – home office / studio

A sophisticated conversion of a recycled shipping container. Fair-faced spruce plywood lines the walls and ceiling - a warm inviting cabin feel that is practical and stylish. It can easily be painted if desired, and is a strong material to fix shelves, picture frames, or lighting to. All timber and plywood is European, and FSC certified. Power sockets, telephone & data cabling is already installed for easy telephone/ broadband connection. Simple fully glazed sliding doors barely interupt the transition between the garden and the home office.

Green Roof Shelters' Container Home Office has a native wildflower growing roof, providing nectar and habitat for bees, butterflies and other invertebrates. Nesting boxes for birds are incorporated into the roof overhangs. Other nesting opportunities provided are bat slots for pipistrelle bats to inhabit enclosed roof spaces, and open-fronted nesting for birds such as robins. Wood piles on the roof also provide wildlife habitat & shelter.

Much of the materials in a Green Roof Shelter Home Office are reclaimed, re-used, or recycled. From the re-used container itself, timber used as cladding & fascias, reclaimed aggregates & substrates for planting, recycled plastic 'lumber' for rotproof retaining plates. Habitat panels combine a mix of found materials for invertebrate nesting & overwintering. Nesting boxes for birds are incorporated into the roof overhangs. Other nesting opportunities provided are bat slots for pipistrelle bats to inhabit enclosed roof spaces, and open-fronted nesting for birds such as robins.

Green Roof Container


Ideal for outdoor classrooms, exhibition pavilions, visitor reception spaces, interpretive shelters, performance areas.

Green Roof Container Green Roof Container


Floating Thames classroom Proposed 6m x 4.8m (19' x 15') classroom for the Cremorne Riverside Kayaking Centre in Chelsea, London. At low tide the classroom sits on the mud, and then rises up to six metres with the incoming tide. The floating classroom is a space to teach local nine to nineteen year olds kayaking, leadership skills, and learn about the ecology of the river and riverbanks. Kayaks are launched from the floating platform in front of the classroom. Floating habitats and nesting sites can be attached to the classroom, all rising and falling with the tide.

Green Roof Container

Green-roofed Container – secure storage

Need on site storage? Buy a green roof freight container, with additional options including habitats for birds and bats and our unique habitat wall. Or if you have an existing container…Transform an existing freight container with our unique system designed for biodiversity – we can recycle and replace your container with our unique green roof storage container.

Green Roof Container


Green Roof Shelters outdoor classrooms or home offices are delivered by lorry from our lovely works in Essex, and placed in position using the lorry's 'hiab' crane. Containers can be lifted over walls, hedges, and small buildings. Longer craning distances, over houses if needed, are possible with larger lorry-based mobile cranes.

Uniquely, shipping containers are self-supporting rigid structures, so conventional building foundations are not required, saving considerable customer expense. For our container home offices a level area, or padstones creating four level points, are sufficient groundwork. As such, the installation has a very low impact on the site. Selling on, when your needs or circumstances change: As containers are designed for longevity and robust conditions, the whole planted container can be lifted and relocated as required.

Green Roofed Cycle Shelter

Our re-used shipping containers have usually traveled in excess of 50,000 miles. The life to date of the container is inscribed in the registration and payload information on the container doors. As part of the container's refurbishment, the whole has been repainted, and the container data reapplied. Typically we work with containers that are 6 metres (20') long by 2.4 metres (8') wide.

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